Friday, October 26, 2007

Butterfly Migration!!!!!

I work as far south in Alabama as you can go basically near the civil war fort of Fort Morgan. Our building sits on a tiny little piece of land not even a mile across and right next to a Federal wild life preserve. Jealous yet? I am surrounded by beauty daily. I am so just completely overwhelmed how often i get to interact with the nature around me. I am truly blessed. I told you about my most recent bird banding adventure. It was entertaining and educational, wanted to have everyone i knew there with me to experience this adventure. It was not to be but i did and still do have the opportunity to share these experiences with them and all of you. I wanted to tell you a bit about the Butter fly migration that is taking place at the same time. Have you ever gone outside and seen butterflies everywhere. Not in plague since, but on every bush and throughout the air, flying in friendly little groups around your head. That is what has been happening here lately. Butterflies of every color fill the sky and plants eating their last meals before they head south for the winter. I have been astounded by the blue, greens, yellow and purple butterflies. You rarely see more than orange and black of the familiar Monarch butterflies in this part of the world. Each morning when I step out I experience a new color or shape butterfly that i have not experienced before. The lightest pail yellow and wings so thin and very rounded you can see through them as they float along. Then there are the high speed butterflies, that flit and fly almost like a different kind of bug. The shape and color of their wings makes them look like grasshoppers when folded in a closed resting position. The one that lingers in my head had blue circles on it's wing, appearing to be almost like two great blue eyes looking up at me. Butterflies and the beach don't seem to be a fitting combination, but they make for an unforgettable experience in the warm days and cool nights of fall. I hope you get to have this experience sometime soon. Fort Morgan is the place to have it among all of the beauties of creation, and much more. We have found that all of this beauty inspires much creativity, and relaxation. So, if inspiration is what you seek hop in the car and head south, stop when you get to Ft. Morgan. Hope to see you soon


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