Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sand Squeaks and the Sky Glows at the beach

I grew up on the beach. We went every chance we got growing up and most of the time looked like Coppertone babies... You know tan every where but where our swim suit covered. I have the funnest memories of going to the beach with my family as a child. My Dad teaching me how to fish and mom always keeping us slathered with sunscreen and always missing one weird streak on an arm or leg. We had adventures, with wildlife, fish, and exploring through the Fort in the area we grew up. I watched my older brother learn to surf and catch a baby shark. I could name my favorite seashells, and learned all about the fish, birds and plants at the beach. My younger brother was forever wanting to explore the Fort, or dig in the sand to see what creatures would come out or to simply build a mote around his giant sand castle. They were such happy times and the foundation for my curious nature.
As I grew up somehow I put these memories to the back of my mind. Filed them away in some childhood corner that warmed my heart on the cold days away from the beach but were not part of my normal memories. It was almost as if I forgot, I never remembered that the beautiful white sand squeaks under my feet, or that the sky glows and the sand too for that matter when the sun sets.
My hope, now that I have returned to the area is that my family and friends and visitors to our beautiful area too, that they make amazing memories at the beach. Memories that stick and fill their soul, that guide their dreams as they grow into adults. Memories that are beautiful and warm and full of adventure. Come see us soon, in the Fort Morgan area of Gulf Shores. It is a place like no other!!!!!!


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