Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Water Spouts at the Beach!!!!

When you think of the beach often you only think of fun sunny days. The beach is so dynamic in not only it's weather but how the beach itself changes. For example, one day the beach will be completely flat and really easy walk on. Other days you have to climb up or down cliffs to get to the water.
The Fort Morgan area where we are located is on a peninsula so we often see amazing weather on one side or the other of us. This particular day was a little rainy off and on all day but we still managed to see some really awesome weather. This is a great picture of a water spout. Yes a water spout is a tornado, the big difference is they are not particularly dangerous because most of the time they break apart when they come on land. They only last a matter of minutes so if we hear of one you will see a mass exodus from the office to see it and catch some really great photos like this one.


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