Friday, January 11, 2008

Sunset Properties Mascot

The Boss recently got a new, and I would say his all time favorite Christmas gift. He got a Beagle Puppy. The Puppy's name is Skyler... He comes to stay in the Sunset Properties Office with us until the Boss gets home from school. Skyler, helps in all sorts of activities, cleaning up crumbs, cleaning out the last bit of your yogurt cup, helping up to remember to take regular visit out doors, retrieving the mail, entertaining the guests, sniffing out the Boss, and being a small but very fun guard dog.
Fort Morgan's Beach welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes, so Skyler has lots of pals to play with. The only problem is all the other dogs are twice as big or more than Skyler. He holds his own with those razor sharp puppy teeth though. Most of the dogs in the area are just looking for a wrestling, running buddy, but Skyler wants someone he can chew on a bit too.
This sweet little dog has added lots of fun to a job that is already a complete joy to come to each day. Come see us at the beach and bring your four legged friend, for a rest, The beach is lots of fun for dogs too!!!!


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