Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Bird Banding at Fort Morgan!!!

Bird banding here at Fort Morgan in the Spring is the time for Humming Birds!!!! You can see them all around the condos checking out the landscaped flowers and the natural ones we have growing here. We try to take turns as a staff and go down with the kids or our family and have an amazing experience learning about the birds that come through our area. We are so blessed to be in a place with an over abundance of natural beauty and then we get all sorts of creatures that migrate through our area at least once if not twice a year.
The bird banding is going on for another week here and we have already had some great adventures and learned lots about our feathered friends. We have met Hooded Warblers (the small yellow and black bird in the photo)and Hummers. Savannah had the neatest experience so far she got to let a humming bird go you can see her photo also. Yes that little thing in her hand is a Humming Bird!!!!!! We are so grateful to Bob Sargent and the rest of the Bird Banding group who allow us to participate even in a little in this important research. If you are here or get a chance to come in the Spring and Fall do not miss Bird Banding.


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