Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fishing at Ft. Morgan

We have all heard "Fish Stories" about the giant fish that someone caught on their vacation last summer, or with their grandpa over Spring Break. The fish stories at Ft. Morgan are real. I have seen some of the largest and most unusual fish caught off of the point less than a mile away or from a boat on an inshore four hour trip. I have had adventures in a boat and fishing off of the beach here which is completely legal here as long as you have your licence.

My adventure at the beach involved my best friend and and two fishing poles and lot of patience. We set out one sunny morning. It was a Sunday we were taking it easy on the beach so we thought!!! We started out catching small trash fish which is handy for bait purposes. Soon we started catching things that took more effort. My friend fought and fought something that was really strong but not big. It ended up being a baby shark... They are so tough, and the silly thing ate her hook and weights. This is where the story turns humorous! We decided we should try to take this hook and weight out we could see it in the little sharks mouth and managed to get our hands cut to ribbons by tiny shark teeth. Some fisherwomen we are the catch did more damage to us then we did to him.

That was the first adventure of the day we proceeded to catch a Remora which is one of the coolest fish I have ever seen. A Remora attaches to a larger fish with type of suction cup on the top of it's head. It was fun sticking him to things like our hands and the ice chest before we let him go. The boat story will have to wait until next time it was just as fun with much bigger fish.


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