Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Amazing Views!!!!!!

I feel especially blessed each morning, I arrive at work! Everywhere I look I am surrounded by amazing beauty. Not only do I get to hear the waves and smell the salt air, I have a beautiful blue sky and the Gulf each morning. The sea birds with their different chirps and squawks greet me as I come in to the office. The Pelicans sore and swallows preform their dramatic aerial acrobatics in front of the building.
As the day warms it only gets more magnificent. It takes every bit of self discipline to keep me in the office working. I want to be outside in the sun, exploring, and playing. I want to see the animals that live here and swim. I want to get a tan and fish. Or maybe just take a nap in the warm breeze during the warmth of the day.
As the day turns in to dusk again the birds come out for their second show of the day. The sky lights with colors to amaze and awe at. It looks like a child was set free with his crayons to make a beautiful picture, the only rules were to use every color in the box.
I hope you can see this beautiful view at Ft. Morgan soon.


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