Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blue Angels, Fly Over...

It is beginning to be winter, although you would not know it from the weather. It is going to be in the 70's today! Winter means many things to us here at Sunset Properties, and to the Ft. Morgan area in general. I am sure I will talk more about this over the next few months. For now I would like to tell you about our exciting repeat visitors.
We as you know are located in Gulf Shores, Alabama which is right next to Pensacola, the Winter home of the Blue Angels and the Cradle of Navel Aviation, NAS Pensacola. Everyday, we get to be awakened by or drive in watching the Blue Angels practice. It is so exciting to watch them do their spectacular maneuvers. They fly in these intricate formations, and mock fire fights. We are so excited to see these amazing representatives of our country this time of year.
In case you need one more reason to come down, this is it. Just imagine, having your morning coffee on the balcony and watching your own personal air show each day. Come enjoy the beach the breath taking scenery, and the Blue Angels.


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