Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sand Dollars by the Thousands at Fort Morgan

We recently had an unusual experience here at Fort Morgan. I have decided after two years that unusual is the norm around here though. Our winter guests were getting ready to leave and the Spring Breakers were coming in and we had a couple of large storms come through and it stirred up everything out in the gulf. We were finding ancient lumber, possibly off of an old wreck in the gulf, polished smooth like a river stone. Guests found sea anemones washed up on the beach and all closed up like a package protecting the delicate creature on the inside. We set those free back in the gulf.
All of the other finds were fun and new for us, but my favorite was the Sand Dollars. One of our winter guests had a habit of taking walks each morning to catch the sunrise. They came back and told us about what they found. This particular morning they brought back pictures. We started looking at the pictures but we were unsure what it was we were looking at. When we zoomed the photo in the treasure was revealed. It was thousands of tiny sand dollars. They ranged from the size of your thumb nail to smaller that the eraser of a pencil.
Later that evening we took a family trip down to the beach to check out this wonder for ourselves. We collected about a hundred and it would not even fill up a water bottle half way. It was a great adventure for our family and something my Dad who has been on the beach most of his life has never seen. I wanted to share a photo with you. A special thanks to Don and Sue Carrier for this great photo.


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