Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas at the Beach!!!!!!

The most wonderful time of the year! Sleigh bells, Hot Chocolate, Snow, stockings hung over the fire place, all of these traditional ideas don't look the same here at the Ft. Morgan, beach. Instead of snow we have beautiful white sand. The sound of sleighbells is not heard, but you can hear the waves at on the beach, and friends laughing and singing. It doesn't get cold enough just yet for hot chocolate, and we hardly ever light a fire here. You can find tropical drinks, and people cooking on grills just about any time of the year. We do love Chirstmas here, our christmas carols often have a tropical sound, You will see all sort of trees with lights in them even palm trees. It is not traditional but we certaionly remember the reason for the holiday! YOu should try a Christmas at the beach sometime, you never know you might just get to have a pool party if you can join us. Merry Christmas All!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The last hint of Summer!

It is an unusually warm day today. The temperatures will reach near 80 degrees and everyone is enjoying this last bit of Summer in December at Ft. Morgan. The toads and snails are coming out of their burrowed homes to have a few final buggy meals before their long winter hibernation. Birds are happily chirping and soring through the unusually warm sky's. Even the few human winter residents are enjoying the day in the sun down on the beach. They will come in this evening with pink cheeks just like the got when they were young, not just young at heart, out enjoying the beautiful days of childhood.
The gifts we receive here at the beach are always abundant and full of surprise. Who would have expected a Summer day in December. What an amazing life we lead here at Ft. Morgan. Come share it with us soon.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dolphin Watching!!!!

As i have said many times before we live and work in an amazing place, Ft. Morgan! It is wonderful for many reasons but the one I want to talk about today is Dolphin. Just step out on your balcony or take a walk down to the beach and you are practically guaranteed to spot one if not a whole pod playing, fishing or just swimming by. We have great views from our condos and houses so you can definitely sit at peak times, in the morning and evening, when all manner of fish and sea life are out feeding, and enjoy the dolphin. You can enjoy a view of them in the gulf from your balcony or in the bay from the front of the buildings or on a boat. Their are many local charter captains who will take you for an adventure with these amazing creatures. Be sure to take time to stop and watch the dolphin while you are here!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our Wonderful Wonderful Winter Guests!!!!

It is time for our winter guests to begin arriving. It is always an exciting time for us because it seems like part of our family is returning home. For me personally it is kind of like having 60 pairs of grandparents come see me. They are some of the sweetest, most encouraging, kind hearted people I have ever met. They come in and visit each day invite us for dinner, bring us lunch and help us make our beach and condo look wonderful.
Last year I was so impressed at how they really treat this place like their home. Not only did they clean up the beach and help us buy and plant sea oats for the beach. They started a road side clean up plan for keeping the road to us clean. Basically, they are wonderful and we wish they could stay all year.
The only thing that we have to get used to is that they think our winter is warm weather. I come in bundled up in a coat and scarf, and pass them outside in shorts and a t-shirts playing games outside. I am always amazed at how we have such different views of the weather.