Monday, June 30, 2008

Sea Turtle Obstacles at Gulf Shores

This amazing photo was taken recently on a Gulf Shores Beach by a member of the "Share the Beach Program." The "Share the Beach" program is a group of volunteers that monitor the beaches each morning looking for signs of Sea Turtle nests. So far just on Ft Morgan beaches there are 15 Sea Turtle nests.

This particular photo is of a mama Sea Turtle looking for a place to that is safe to dig and lay her eggs. It is difficulty for Sea Turtles to crawl up on the beach. They have to drag several hundered pounds on to the sand and then to have to maneuver between chairs, umbrellas and other items that beach goers leave. This Blog is to ask you our guests to pick up after yourselves.

It takes 20 years for a Sea Turtle to be old enough to lay eggs and then the turtles only lay every 3 to 5 years. So the fewer things on the beach the more likely she is to lay her eggs.

This mama turtle started two different nests but something wasn't right either time. So she dragged herself back to the ocean and found another more perfect spot for her hundred or so eggs. So in a month and a half or so we will see lots of baby turtles on Ft. Morgan beaches.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Fun New Golf Cart Shuttle a Sunset Properties

One of my favorite memories as a child is watching the old surfer movies with the big Woodie Cars piled high with surf boards and every now and then the entire cast of the movie would break in to song and dance. So fun!!!!!!!
We recently turned our golf cart shuttle into a Woodie. With all the hard work of our friends and family here in the neighborhood it turned out beautiful. So please take advantage of our Golf Cart Shuttle for the Guests of Sunset Properties. This shuttel will get you down to the beautiful Ft. Morgan beaches. I can't promise the driver will break into song and dance. But you never know for a big enough tip they just might. Give it a try!!!!!

Oh, and check out our new office in te background, we will move in soon! Look for a blog about that soon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Begin your Beach trip on the Dauphin Island Ferry!!!!

What if you could start your trip with a boat ride and enjoy the local wildlife all around you, and beautiful gulf views even before you check in? You can, just take the Dauphin Island Ferry. While it does not particularly save time it will save gas, and you get a nice restful start to your vacation. While on the Ferry you can check out lots of local birds, Dolphin, and you get beautiful views of the Gulf. Take deep breaths of salty air and relax you are almost there!!!! Know when it gets close to check in time that the Ferry fills quickly and you may have to wait an hour and a half for the next one. The trip is a lot of fun because you get to walk around the deck and take a look at everything for the 45 minutes. Once the ferry docks it is only a couple of minutes down the road to Sunset Properties and check in for your beach vacation. Take the ferry if you are coming from the West. It is a great start to a memorable vacation.