Thursday, January 24, 2008

East Meets West, Beach House at Fort Morgan

Picture warm days lying on the beach listening to the waves. Imagine you are staying in a house right on that beach, where you can listen to the waves and enjoy a homemade dinner with your entire family, as you rest and make memories together. East Meets West is the house of your dreams! This amazing 6 bedroom 6 bath home is situated on the beach at Fort. Morgan, it is a shining jewel of the Dunes Community.
East Meets West was made for your family vacation, with a great dining area for every one to eat together while you enjoy a great view of the beach. This dining area is located right next to the amazing Kitchen that is equip to cook for a big crowd. Oh, and don't over look the bedrooms, all are beautifully appointed and each has it's own bath. The Bathrooms alone are a reason to rent this home. The owner spared no expense in making this house the beach house you dream about coming too.
In the Summer you can count on a nightly fireworks show by the guest of the Dunes Community. Spend your days lazing on the beach catching some rays, or adventure with one of our Nature walks, or a tour through Fort Morgan, The Dauphin Island Sea Lab, or take a fishing trip. Here in the Dunes Community we are surrounded by wild life and you have access to two miles of Sugar White sand. This is an amazing place and the perfect Home for your vacation.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow In Gulf Shores

I know everyone thinks I'm kidding, but really last Saturday we had snow at the beach in Fort Morgan. It has been cold enough to freeze here several times this month already. Some of the houses in the community were not prepared and had pipe damage. I had a report from one of our winter guests at Sunset Properties that the had snow on their balcony this past Saturday. I thought they were teasing me because they do tease me quite a bit, I tend to be gullible. Then I heard it form another winter guest in a different building. All of our winter guests were surprised they had never seen snow this far South. Not only are we as far South as you can go in Alabama, but we sit a foot ball field off the beach. Wouldn't it be fun if the Sugar White sand was a dusting of Snow just once?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On Site Service with Sunset Properties

One of the things that makes Sunset Properties unique is that we are on site in the area we rent. At this time our office is located in the base of the Dunes Building. Soon we will be moving to a centrally located office, still in the community, just not in the base of the building. We are excited about our new office and I am sure I will be tell you more about it in the future. The possibilities for having special events and meetings and dinners are endless. We cannot wait to spread out and welcome our guest into the area in the way they deserve. Now we will be able to make them feel like family as we always felt they were. Look for up coming details about our new office in the Dunes Community. We can't wait to welcome you home to The Dunes Community...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bama Breeze Fort Morgan

Besides a great song by Jimmy Buffet, the Bama Breeze is a beach house at Fort Morgan, on the Alabma Gulf Coast. This beautiful five bedroom three and half bath Beach house has spectacular views of the Sunrise, Sunset and the beach. Bama Breeze is equipped for a big crowd. It sleeps 19! The three back balconies graduate to a smaller size as you go up to the top floor. The top floor is a large loft area that would be great for a young couple or the kids... The first floor deck is great for a quiet breakfast, or a dinner with the whole family. The well equip, newly remodeled kitchen is situated in a way that allows even those cooking to be a part of the family activities. When staying in this lovely home you are steps from the pools or the beach. We here at Sunset Properties are proud to have this as one of our newest rental in the Dunes Community.

Sunset Properties Mascot

The Boss recently got a new, and I would say his all time favorite Christmas gift. He got a Beagle Puppy. The Puppy's name is Skyler... He comes to stay in the Sunset Properties Office with us until the Boss gets home from school. Skyler, helps in all sorts of activities, cleaning up crumbs, cleaning out the last bit of your yogurt cup, helping up to remember to take regular visit out doors, retrieving the mail, entertaining the guests, sniffing out the Boss, and being a small but very fun guard dog.
Fort Morgan's Beach welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes, so Skyler has lots of pals to play with. The only problem is all the other dogs are twice as big or more than Skyler. He holds his own with those razor sharp puppy teeth though. Most of the dogs in the area are just looking for a wrestling, running buddy, but Skyler wants someone he can chew on a bit too.
This sweet little dog has added lots of fun to a job that is already a complete joy to come to each day. Come see us at the beach and bring your four legged friend, for a rest, The beach is lots of fun for dogs too!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Newest Bird Sitings at the Beach

We have Birds around us all the time in the Ft. Morgan area. Usually they are Shore birds, Pelicans, Herons, Cranes that sort of traditional beach bird. We also have your normal smaller birds Cardinals, Finches, Sparrows, Swallows. In general a beautiful collection of fine feathered friends. We have had more than our share of adventures with them as well.
Last winter was a sort of Pelican rescue, when we found an injured Pelican blowing in the wind around the parking lot. My Dad and I managed to throw a blanket over it and secure it's beak. Then we bundled it into my car for the 40 minute drive to the vet. You get all sorts of interesting looks driving down the road with a pelican in your back seat!
The most recent adventure happened to one of our winter guests. Mr. Tom, he and his wife were enjoying an afternoon indoors, because it was windy, and kinda cool outside. They looked out their sixth floor balcony window and saw something extraordinary. A hawk was resting after fighting the strong winds. It landed on the balcony railing outside their condo. After some stealthy photo taking from behind a sofa, they ventured out from behind the cover and walkedright to the window, and continued to snap photos.
Come and have an adventure of your own at Ft. Morgan, where the wild life shows off, and the sunsets are amazing.