Monday, April 28, 2008

Sand Island Light house at Fort Morgan

I love light houses, and we are so lucky to have one right out our back door here at Fort Morgan. When I think of a light house the first thought that comes to mind is a movie from my childhood where a little boy who sees an imaginary dragon is adopted by a Lighthouse keeper and his adult daughter. In the end everyone is a big happy family and he has no need for his imaginary friend any longer. It is a sweet story of Family and love and is probably the main fuel for my love of lighthouses now. To me they are romantic and hold all sorts of fun adventures just waiting to happen.
Of course the life of a lighthouse keeper and his family if he had one was far from romantic. They often lived hard, lonely lives spending weeks and months alone.
The light house out our back door is called the Sand Island light house. It was built in the 1800's originally and destroyed. It was rebuilt to exactly the same light house and was actually on a part of the peninsula at one time. It is hard to imagine the land going all the way out to the light house! Now the light house sits on only its ballast rocks that were placed at its base to protect it from storms. It is no longer in commission but it is a popular attraction for the vacationers who are sight seeing by boat. It is also a great fishing spot. We are glad to have this beautiful historical monument as our neighbor at Fort Morgan keeping a watchful eye over us. Or maybe it is our turn to keep a watchful eye over it in it's old age.


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