Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas at Ft. Morgan!!!!!!

Christmas at Ft. Morgan!!!! It is just a few days until Christmas now, and I am on the hunt for that Christmas-y feeling. It has been such an odd year, with storms and crazy economy, not to mention unseasonably warm weather. The Christmas feeling has been sorely missed. This cheery feeling pokes it head out here and there with the visitors who come through, but it is far from the warm fuzzy norm of the Christmas Season. I have been to the Church Christmas Musical, and sung carols on my own, the very worshipful and the very silly ones. I’ve baked a few cookies, watched some Christmas movies and even put up a tree here at the office. When I am with that tree here at the office is when it seems most like Christmas. So, I have a plan to go ahead and put a tree up at home too. I know it’s a little strange not to have one. The one at work is so beautiful I thought it would suffice. So, I’m off to put up my tree at home watch some Christmas Movies and bake cookies. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holiday, whatever you may be celebrating. Please enjoy our Beach Christmas Tree. This tree is decorated with seashells from the beach that washed up after the storms.


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