Monday, December 1, 2008

Winter at the Beach, home away from home for our Snow Birds!!!!

It's that time of year again, Winter at the beach. Our winter is full of fun adventures and beautiful sunsets to share. Our winter guests, affectionately known as Snow Birds, begin arriving just before Thanksgiving. They spend the winter with us here at the beach, with our mild climate and Southern Hospitality it is truly a home away from home. We think of our guests as family and try to have events throughout the winter for them to mix and mingle and have a great time.
This winter is no exception, we plan on several classes for painting, jewelry making, a book club, and of course Sowing Our Wild Oats!!! What has become our annual sea oat planting, to help protect our beach and habitats for so many of our endangered species that live right here at Ft. Morgan. It is a fun time for everyone. We have had wonderful results from all of the efforts made by our owners and winter guests. We can't wait until this celebration comes around this year. I'm so glad our family is back for another year and can't wait to have everyone over for our first mixer!!!!


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