Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snow Bird Activities with Sunset Properties

We are having a great winter down here at Ft. Morgan. Now that we have a new spacious office we have been able to incorporate some fun activities for our winter guests. So far our guests we have been able to have classes on making Greeting and Valentine cards, and a couple of very creative scrap-booking options. The group had a great time getting to know one another and all went away with new friendships.
We are hoping to hold a few more classes before the season is over, a painting class / wine tasting which will be lots of fun, a basket weaving class, and hopefully a class led by the winter guests on some of there favorite crafts. We will also hold all of our activities for the Sowing Our Wild Oats Celebration. Sowing our Wild Oats is our annual sand dune restoration project. This is an activity that our guests participate in and it makes a huge difference in the health of our beach as a habitat for endangered species. We are excited that we now have the space at Sunset Properties to have our winter guests play a little while they are here!!!!!


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