Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunset Properties Goes On Vacation!!!

We are usually the destination for vacations in the Ft. Morgan area. It is unheard of for all of us to take a vacation together. The boss decided that we needed a getaway together, to be waited on and taken care of, just as we take care of our guests. We were given a cruise to Cozumel!!!! Thanks John and Karen!!!! We all boarded a cruise line that leaves from the port of Mobile and began our much needed 4 day getaway. The ship gave us fresh linens and turn down service each night, along with friendly towel animals each night to great us when we came in from our evening activities. We enjoyed live musical shows, comedians, magic shows, Afternoon tea and a huge variety of classes for adults and kids. My favorite part by far was just being out on deck in the sun. We come to work at the beach each day, with the beautiful water and sand just steps away and rarely get down to the shore to enjoy it. We all took advantage of our time in the sun. I came back with a very special tan, that included lines on my face from my sunglasses. It was fun!!!!
Once we arrived at Cozumel the Bobe's headed out for a Coral reef tour on board a Submarine.
It was really fun and very educational. We went down to a depth of 109 feet below the surface, and enjoyed creatures that one usually only sees in aquariums or on TV.
We did a bit of shopping through the city, while John and Karen did a tour of the local bars, trying Karen's favorite drinks. Becky and her sister enjoyed a sailing trip on a private boat and an afternoon on a quiet beach.
We boarded the boat that afternoon with stories to share about our different adventures. That evening we had a dress up dinner where we all had a great meal and were entertained by our wait staff in between stories of our adventures that afternoon.
All around it was a great vacation. We had lots of rest that allowed us to come back all geared up for Spring Break!!! We wanted to Thank Mike and Brenda, who took care of everything while we were gone. Thanks Guys!!!!


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