Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Wedding on the Beach at Ft. Morgan

We have Weddings on the Dunes Community Beach on almost a weekly basis in the spring and summer. A couple of weeks ago we had the most unusual wedding to date. A family that lives in the community, and very dear friends or theirs had a wedding ceremony for their beloved pet poodles. The Dunes beach at Ft. Morgan is dog friendly and the owners here take that very seriously. You will often see owners letting their dogs romp through the waves or playing fetch with a tennis ball out on the beach.

On this particular occasion you could see owner and pets enjoying the festivities of the happy day. The puppy bride, Lulu is the pet of Elizabeth, and the groom, Murphy, is proudly owned by Callie. The ceremony included both pets dressed to the Nines in their wedding attire. Murphy wore a new wedding collar, and Lulu wore a beautiful white ilett dress. Elizabeth and Callie explained that the two dogs are long time sweethearts and became engaged on Valentines Day. Murphy a "famous" ball player has always been a fan of Lulu who spends her days as a stay at home model, Auburn Cheerleader and gardener / explorer in her free time. Invitations were sent to the dogs and friends in the Dunes Community soon after their engagement. The guests all enjoyed the reception. The humans enjoyed a lovely two layer cake prepared by Lulu and Elizabeth's mother. The dog friends/guests were all given treats that were their choice of peanut butter, or a marshmallow, even a pet friendly chocolate cookie.

The bride and groom gave each other wedding gifts of a beautiful new outfit for the ever stylish Lulu and 4 new balls to play with for Murphy the sportsman. The couple looked lovely in their photos Murphy in his naturally black coat with bow tie, and Lulu always the lady in her beautiful white fur and white dress. A great time was had by all who attended, with a couple of the 4 legged guests participating in a game of catch the sand crab after the reception.

There were no plans for a honeymoon; puppies are not in the plan for this active couple. They do have a special marriage training planned that will take place in a "Tricks Class" coming up really soon.

I recently heard from the owners, that Lulu was already nagging Murphy about playing football every afternoon. We are so glad that this special event was held here at the Dunes Community and Murphy and Lulu can be added to long list of happy couples married at the Dunes Beach. If you are planning a beach wedding soon, give me a call. Helping the brides and families with all the ins and outs of a beach wedding is one of the favorite parts of my job.


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